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A D R I A N  M I C H A E L  G R E E N


lovasté*. my name is adrian michael. i write to help people find purpose and belonging 

in life, love, and relationships.

"my goal is to uplift people as much as i can. to inspire them to realize more of their capacities for living meaningful lives, because there certainly is meaning to life."

--john coltrane






1:1 C O A C H I N G

have a question or need strategies on how to deepen your relationship or how to engage more thoughtfully at school or work, let's talk.

aspiring writer, artist, or content creator interested in self-publishing and how to grow your network i can help. let's connect.



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i. Exploring how students of color, specifically African Americans, can be resilient and successful while maintaining their racial identity and sense of purpose in predominantly white spaces. 

ii. Tackling the toxins of race and racism in this country through a poetic lens.

ii. Examining masculinity and what it means to be a man by using a manhood framework. 


For over a decade, I have traveled to schools and organizations around the world including Stanford University, University

of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Albuquerque Academy to facilitate conversations and trainings on implicit bias, microaggressions, cultural competency, and purpose learning using love, compassion, and design thinking as a framework.


Owner of lovasté, a holistic health and wellness company, committed to personal and inter-personal development. 


As a company and lifestyle brand, lovasté serves as a daily practice and reminder to love one's self and others.

I created the word lovasté in 2015. it is a mantra and affirmation that translates to mean "the lover in me honors the lover in you."


It is a call to action.

a practice. a pledge.

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