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"I think Adrian Michael Green is one of the most amazing people/CA alum  I've ever met.


He is smart, talented, funny, deeply insightful and so, so real. He just had that entire Upper School audience captivated and engaged in a way that I don’t know if I’ve seen at a Town Hall before."

-- Dr. Carolyn Ash (Former Director of Admission and Financial Aid at the Carey School / Ash Consulting Group)

Working with students and working with adults who impact the lives of students energizes me. I have led full-day diversity conferences, planned and executed multi-day retreats, facilitated countless workshops and professional development opportunities and delivered keynote speeches for public and private schools and organizations. 

My approach is always engaging and interactive. Whether the topic is light or heavy it is important and necessary to embed elements of fun and play. "Talking at" doesn't promote the best way to learn because the best knowledge is shared and in the room (and outside the room) with the aid of activities that get people thinking, moving, and reflecting.


Moments of discomfort is where we learn and grow. I encourage everyone to lean in, make mistakes, listen, and tell their story.


Book me for:


- book/artist talks and signings

- meet & greets

- self-publishing workshops / 1:1 coaching

- personal branding and social media

- finding your voice / identity

- customized topic

Diversity, Leadership, and Organizational Change

- workshops, trainings, professional days

(implicit bias, microagressions, cultural competency,

cross-cultural communication, racial identity development, race, and racism)

- how to have the conversation / tools for difficult dialogue

- shifting the culture by embedding the practice of inclusion

- rebranding "diversity day"

- what does love have to do with diversity? why loving ourselves and loving others should be a hard skill taught in schools

- the intersectionality of isms and identity


- topics coming soon

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