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adrian michael // media kit


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Adrian Michael Green, an international speaker, educator and writer currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area, is a native of Northeast Denver where he started writing at the age of 10. As a 22-time self-published and bestselling author he is committed to sharing poetry and prose that spread messages of positivity, healing, courageous conversations and love. One of many voices of this generation, Adrian Michael uses word magic to remind anyone who comes across his work that they are inherently decent, good, kind, worthy and deserve to express their full selves and reach their full potential so long as they allow others to be and do the same. He has been published in UC Berkeley's Greater Good Magazine and featured on their Science of Happiness podcast in regards to racial injustice and helping young people find purpose.

Listed as one of five motivational men to be following on Instagram, Adrian Michael is the founder of lovasté, a health and wellness lifestyle brand and company that encourages and promotes better inter and intra-personal relationships. For fourteen years he has worked with students and educators during his time with Teach For America, The Office of Diversity Affairs at the Leeds School of Business at CU Boulder, Colorado Academy and Project Wayfinder.  He has also built partnerships and done work with organizations such as AloMoves, TalkSpace, and Nextdoor. Currently he is the high school history teacher at Sterne School in San Francisco. Adrian Michael is reminded daily of his why by looking into the eyes of his loving wife and five-year-old son.

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