A D R I A N  M I C H A E L  G R E E N



lovasté*. my name is adrian michael.

i enjoy helping people find purpose and 

belonging in life, love, and relationships.

as a full-time writer, author, speaker, mentor and wellness educator, creating safe and brave spaces for people to fully be themselves is my mission.

the lover in me honors the lover in you*. xo.


for over a decade, i have traveled (in-person and remotely) to schools and organizations around the world including the boettcher foundation, talkspace, stanford university, university of illinois at urbana-champaign, and albuquerque academy to facilitate conversations and trainings on implicit bias, microaggressions, cultural competency, belonging and purpose learning using love, compassion, and design thinking as a framework.




owner of lovasté, a holistic health and wellness company, committed to personal and inter-personal development.  as a company and lifestyle brand, lovasté serves as a daily practice and reminder to love one's self and others.​ i created the word lovasté in 2015. it is a mantra and affirmation that translates to mean "the lover in me honors the lover in you."  it is a call to action.

a practice. a pledge.