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selective lessons

what we see is a choice. we can literally stare at something intensely or not at all and receive no message or interaction back depending on whether or not we are consciously or subconsciously ready. in fact it just hits the surface and translates literally. what i mean is that in basic communication there is the sender of a message and a receiver of a message. depending on the environment the message could get muddled up with all the other noise within that space that the receiver literally has to choose what things are directly relevant and what can be disregarded.

most times the most important, deep, substantial, nurturing things get sent to the wayside because of how our society is set up. what society deems as normal or important isn't aligned with what we really need. so the person or food or workout or trip or education or lifestyle or retreat or whatever that is most necessary could be blocked by other things taking up space in your environment. we have been wired to have selective perception. what we need is always right in front of us. we are distracted. however, call it experience, maturity, enlightenment, presence, or even simple awareness, once we actively choose to see what is around us then we start to decode and make better decisions based on the information seen or unseen.

think about it this way: you see tons of different cars everyday if you live in the city. the moment you zero in on a type of car whether you are buying one or notice a car you like/want you eventually see that car everywhere! in different styles, models, colors. you probably see yourself driving it. that's basic law of attraction: if you will it to be it will be. same with selective lessons. if you want to see something you will see it. if you don't want to see something you won't. you will literally block out everything that doesn't align with what you want. that isn't necessarily the best thing to do because maybe you know what you want isn't right. or maybe you are keeping yourself from greatness.

either way, i hope you keep seeing what you need and what you want and notice when either aren't serving your best self. i love you. 8.4.17 (782) 🏾 #adrianmichael

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